Vintage Hammer Brand Pocket Knife


Vintage Hammer Brand Pocket Knife

This is a Hammer brand knife. I found this at a storage auction and do not know too much about vintage knives. It has only one blade. The knife itself is not in too great of condition but should be good for a collector. Pat Nos 2037943 & 2170587. The second number could possibly be 2170597 as it is hard for me to tell. I did not clean the knife so it is inthe condition found. There is a slight dent on one side of the handle. I know it is a Hammer because I looked up the first patent number. On the other side from the patent numbers HA exists and then the R. I did rub a little there to get the correct numbers and to see the HA   R. It looks to me as if the handle is stainless steel. I am doing it as an auction as I have no idea how much this knife is worth. Shipping will be 1.99 and I will take care of insurance. Please email any questions you may have and I will do my best to answer them. Happy bidding!


No international and no returns, thank you.

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